acmeFork of acme with my colors3 months
baritoAn X11 bar20 hours
dotfilesMy *nix dotfiles3 days
forlater/donkeyThe main backend for forlater.email10 months
forlater/mail2fork of with some changes4 months
forlater/mdawhAn MDA that creates a webhook on recieval of mail4 months
forlater/navaniforlater's primary mail processing service2 months
forlater/save-forlaterBrowser add-ons for sending a page via forlater.email4 months
forlater/webLanding page for forlater.email5 weeks
fsrvFilehost server for 2 months
infraInfrastructure manifests and setup notes6 months
jannyClean up Kubernetes resources after a set TTL10 months
mxWork in progress MUA6 months
paprikaGo rewrite of Taigabot3 weeks
paqPersonal fork of paq-nvim3 months
privychkaHabit tracking service3 weeks
pwMinimal password store12 days
py-viteThe original vite, written in Python13 months
rel2absGo library to convert all relative URLs in a HTML document to absolute ones4 months
resumeMy resume2 weeks
shlideSlide deck presentation tool written in pure bash13 months
siteSource for my site, found at icyphox.sh6 days
viteA fast (this time, actually) and minimal static site generator; powers https://i...3 weeks
wsabiWebsocket proxy that sends stats to statsd13 months