BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lastfmgo mod tidyAnirudh Oppiliappan5 weeks
locationSupport setting loc and getting loc for @nickAnirudh Oppiliappan8 weeks
masterTrim leading and trailing spaces in messageAnirudh Oppiliappan3 weeks
memeHug!Anirudh Oppiliappan3 weeks
profileProfile pluginsAnirudh Oppiliappan3 weeks
seen-cmdAdd last messageAnirudh Oppiliappan2 weeks
tellMost recent message firstAnirudh Oppiliappan3 weeks
timeUse time.LoadLocation insteadAnirudh Oppiliappan8 weeks
weatherRemove useless shit from weather desc dataAnirudh Oppiliappan2 months
wolframalphaWolframAlpha pluginAnirudh Oppiliappan2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-12-28Trim leading and trailing spaces in messageHEADmasterAnirudh Oppiliappan1-2/+5
2021-12-28More gofmtAnirudh Oppiliappan3-19/+18
2021-12-26Unify usage text, gofmtAnirudh Oppiliappan5-11/+9
2021-12-19Helper program to create a new pluginAnirudh Oppiliappan1-0/+48
2021-12-16initial youtube metadata commit; only link viewing, not search. (#13)Anthony DeDominic4-12/+646
2021-12-11initial draft of quote plugin. (#10)Anthony DeDominic3-0/+391 plugin (#12)Anirudh Oppiliappan4-1/+169
2021-12-11fix config parsing.Anthony DeDominic1-2/+2
2021-11-29add decide plugin with dice, Y/N questions and selecting multiple or … (#11)Anthony DeDominic1-0/+91
2021-11-22fix bad merge for weather.Anthony DeDominic1-1/+3