dotfilesMy *nix dotfiles6 hours
acmeFork of acme with my colors6 days
resumeMy resume2 weeks
forlater/navaniforlater's primary mail processing service2 weeks
rel2absGo library to convert all relative URLs in a HTML document to absolute ones3 weeks
forlater/mail2fork of with some changes3 weeks
siteSource for my site, found at icyphox.sh3 weeks
viteA fast (this time, actually) and minimal static site generator; powers https://i...3 weeks
forlater/webLanding page for forlater.email3 weeks
pwMinimal password store4 weeks
forlater/mdawhAn MDA that creates a webhook on recieval of mail4 weeks
forlater/save-forlaterBrowser add-ons for sending a page via forlater.email5 weeks
fsrvFilehost server for 2 months
infraInfrastructure manifests and setup notes3 months
mxWork in progress MUA3 months
baritoAn X11 bar6 months
forlater/donkeyThe main backend for forlater.email7 months
jannyClean up Kubernetes resources after a set TTL7 months
wsabiWebsocket proxy that sends stats to statsd10 months
py-viteThe original vite, written in Python10 months
shlideSlide deck presentation tool written in pure bash10 months