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Serve files from subdirs
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Filehost server for


· Single-user.
· Serves files from the storepath.
· Bring your own index.html (-index flag)
· Requires a key to upload. Change the default!
· Filetype hooks. (See HOOKS)


    Usage of ./fsrv:
      -index string
            path to index html file (default "index.html")
      -key string
            secret key; generate this yourself (default "secret")
      -namelen int
            length of random filename (default 5)
      -port string
            port to listen on (default "9393")
      -storepath string
            path to store uploaded files (default "uploads")
      -url string
            url for fsrv to serve files (default "localhost")

Sample index.html is provided. Edit as required.


Hooks can be defined in the 'hooks/' directory for specific filetypes.
These can be written in any language, provided the file is executable,
and accepts one argument: the file to execute against.

For example: the hooks/ file will run against all 7z files, and will
recieve the filename as an argument ($1). The filetype is determined by
parsing magic bytes, and not by file extension.
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