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- Infrastructure. Kubernetes, containers, observability. - Geopolitics and national security; mostly eastern Europe and Russia. - Motorsport. I closely follow F1, F2 and F3. -- Startups. I work (and worked) for one. +- Startups and indie-hacking. Admittedly, I don't know much but I follow + the space. - Fitness. Strength training, calisthenics. - The Go programming language. I love Go and I swear by the standard library. - Language learning. Spoken, obviously. Currently learning Russian. Big fan of total immersion and comprehensible input. +- Self-hosting and homelabbing. +- Ergonomic keyboards. I like to build them. I also like to use them. Some of my links: - Lobsters [@icy]( - Hacker News [@icy]( - Steam [@icyphox]( - GitHub [@icyphox]( -- Fediverse []( +- Fediverse []( If you're interested in **hiring me** -- here's my [résumé](

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[]( but I'm likely to miss messages as I don't get notified. Use the above methods instead. -## this site +## colophon This site is built using [vite]( -- a static site generator written in Go. The source for this site is

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4.0-beta7](, with Inter for text, and Inter Display for headings and titles. -This server is hosted on an Oracle Cloud instance running OpenBSD; this -site is served by [httpd(8)]( and -[relayd(8)]( +This site is [hosted at home](/uses#home-server-denna) on OpenBSD.
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subtitle: Hardware and software that I use. --- -I often get asked about my computing setup -- so I created this page to link it -whenever. Also because I've seen it on other sites, and I don't want to miss -out. +I often get asked about my computing setup -- my computers, the software +I run on them, how I host my services, and other choices of personal +technology. This is a relatively up-to-date list detailing what I'm +currently using. + +## personal laptop (lapis) + +My primary laptop that I use for everything non-work is my [**Asus ROG +Flow X13 (2021)**](/blog/flow-x13). It's got a Ryzen 9 5900HS, Nvidia +GTX 1650 Max-Q, 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. I bought this machine in +early 2022, when I was working remotely as a contractor. The 4K display +doesn't help with its battery life (about 7 hours) but it looks +absolutely fantastic. + +![flow x13 at oodi]( + +This laptop currently runs NixOS. I would ideally like to run OpenBSD, +but I figured I'd make use of its GPU for the occasional game and run +Linux instead; NixOS just seemed like the least-shit choice. I like its +declarative approach to system configuration, but I won't pretend -- I'd +have much preferred a more sane language like Lua. + +Other software I use on this machine: + +- **KDE Plasma**: It's been alright as a desktop environment but I only + care to use it for Wayland and I don't have time to dick around with a + window manager. But that might change. + +- **tmux**: Most of my actual "window" management happens here. I have + it + [configured]( + to show my current working directory and git info in the statusline -- + this helps me keep my actual prompt clean and quick. + +- **neovim**: My editor of choice. I made the switch to the famously + awaited 0.5.0 branch that introduced Lua support [very + early](/blog/nvim-lua/) and haven't looked back since. I use a [custom + duotone + colorscheme]( + +- **QtPass**: Frontend for passwords managed using GPG. -## hardware +- **Firefox**: It works; not much else to say. These are the add-ons I + use: + * Don't F* with Paste: for those pesky bank logins that block paste in + the password fields + * Refined Hacker News + * Sidebery: tab-tree on the left + * Simple Translate: for Finnish/Russian + * SponsorBlock + * uBlock Origin + * Web Scrobbler + * Multi-Account Containers -- **Asus ROG Flow X13 (2021)**: 13.4" 4K, Ryzen 9 5900HS, 32GB RAM, 1TB -SSD, Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q. Even more future proof than the Envy -- -evidently. Runs Linux quite well; not sure about BSD. +## work laptop (kvothe) -- **HP Envy 13 (2017)**: 13.3" FHD, i5 8250u, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. A - comfy, fairly future-proof machine that happens to support Linux/BSD - incredibly well out-of-the-box. And macOS for the most part -- which - happens to be what it currently runs via OpenCore. +For work, I use a **14" M1 MacBook Pro**. I use +[nix-darwin]( to configure most of my +basic applications (neovim, tmux, bash, ...). Software of note: + +- **iTerm2**: I don't use 90% of its features but I like that it lets me + cofigure terminal padding. I prefer to run a single instance of iTerm, + full-screened and without any borders. I use tmux for everything else. + +- **Rectangle**: For the occasional window management. + +## home server (denna) + +![denna under the table]( + +My latest addition. I bought this HP EliteDesk on +[]( for a princely sum of 60 EUR. It has an i5 +6500, 8GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD. I installed OpenBSD on it at work by +wiring it up to a monitor using DisplayPort (it does not have HDMI). +It now runs very quitely under my table, plugged into the router. -- **Ferricy**: 34-key wireless split keyboard designed by me, based on - the Ferris Sweep. See: +I didn't feel like paying my ISP for a static IP and since I work for a +[cloud provider](, I spun up a VPS with a public IP +and setup a quick Nginx TCP proxy to forward traffic to my home server. -- **Logitech Ergo M575**: Wireless ergonomic thumb trackball mouse. +```conf +stream { + server { + listen 80; + listen [::]:80; + proxy_pass denna:80; + } + server { + listen 443; + listen [::]:443; + proxy_pass denna:443; + } +} +``` -- **realme Buds Air 3s**: El-cheapo TWS, great for running or at the - gym. +Then, using [httpd(8)]( and +[relayd(8)]( I run a few services (with +more to come): -- **iPhone 13 mini**: The only actually small phone in the market. +- This website. +- [legit]( Web frontend for git, written + in Go. +- [honk]( ActivityPub server. +- [fsrv]( File hosting and upload server, + written in Go. +- [radicale]( Contacts and calendar (Cal/CardDav) + server. -- **Kindle KT4**: Jailbroken using [WatchThis]( - and running KOReader. +## other technology -### old hardware (no longer in active use) +Some hardware and software that are in frequent use across all my +devices: -- **Ducky One 2 SF**: 65% mechanical keyboard, Cherry MX Speed Silver -switches and blank DSA keycaps. I've written about it in detail -[here](/blog/ducky-one-2). +- **Ferricy**: 34-key wireless split keyboard designed by me, based on + the Ferris Sweep. I have both the MX (Gazzew Boba LT switches) and the + Choc (Kailh Sunset switches) variants, but I find myself favoring the + low actuation force of the MX one more. Some [pictures + here](/blog/2022-in-review/#keyboards-my-first-new-expensive-hobby). -- **Lotus58**: Split-ortho mechanical keyboard, Gazzew Boba LT switches. +- **Logitech Ergo M575**: Wireless ergonomic thumb trackball mouse. I've + [written about it](/blog/m575) in depth. -## software +- **realme Buds Air 3s**: El-cheapo truly-wireless earphones. They look + pretty slick, and fit very comfortably. I mostly use them at the gym + or while commuting in the metro. -- **NixOS**: Had to switch to a Linux distribution for work, and this -seemed liked the least-shit choice. I can't claim I understand even half -of Nix (the language), but it gets the job done. +- **iPhone 13 mini**: It's unfortunate that I have to use an Apple + device but it's also the only real small phone in the market. I quite + enjoy how it fits in my palm, and being able to reach the top of the + screen with one hand. I plan to stick to this until Apple stops + updating it. -- **KDE Plasma**: KDE on Wayland is pretty seamless. And wobbly windows. +- **Kindle KT4**: Jailbroken using + [WatchThis]( + and running KOReader. -- **tmux**: Most of my actual window management happens here. +- **Tailscale**: I used to setup WireGuard networks by hand, but that + got unweildy after 3 hosts. With Tailscale I now have around 8 + different machines running Linux, OpenBSD, macOS and iOS all + seamlessly connected. It's incredibly handy. -And the [dotfiles]( for all software -mentioned, and more. You might be interested in the `old` branch for my -pre-NixOS configs. +- **Migadu**: I too, like everyone else, gave up on self-hosting my + email. Migadu is very straightforward, and very cheap (19 EUR/year). + Works great with all my email clients.