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subtitle: an email-based bookmarking service --- -**NOTICE 2021-12-13**: The mailer service is undergoing some -maintenance and might cause drops in mail delivery. Apologies for the -inconvenience caused. - ## what? forlater is an email-based bookmarking service. You send us an
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## are you tracking me?! Nope. You can audit our code [here]( -However, for the moment, we're using [Mailgun]( for -outbound email. All tracking is turned off, and we only use the SMTP -relay. - -I'd really like to move away from them and host my own server, in -the near future. +The email ID, and the link you saved are both logged for easier +debugging. ## are you open source?

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## you keep saying 'we'; how many of you are there?! I'm just [one guy]( 'We' just sounded right, I -guess. Feel free to email me at []( to +guess. Feel free to email me at []( to report any issues.